"Code red alert for humanity" ipcc Report 2021

"Code red alert for humanity"

ipcc Report 2021

Fighting Global Warming

In 2015, at the Paris Climate Change Conference, 195 world leaders pledged to try to limit global warming to below 1.5° C, in order to fight a clear and present danger to our humanity. Goldman Sachs research* expects a cumulative US$56 trillion of green infrastructure investments to this cause by 2050, reaching over 2% of the world’s GDP by 2032.

Power Generation and electrification is at the heart of this energy transformation, with Renewable Power supporting the reduction of 50% of the global CO2 emissions.
*Goldman Sachs Carbonomics 2021

Renewable Power Penetration

The defining factor of the energy industry as a whole and specifically of the electricity power market, for the last two decades and in the decades to come – has been the aggressive penetration of the Renewable Energy sources: 27% in average today and estimated to grow to 73%* by 2050.

*McKinsey Global Energy Insights ‘19

Mega Challenge: Power Network Volatility

The inherent high volatility of renewable energy sources is causing severe systems instability in the markets which in turn puts the entire Green Revolution at a major risk.

Energy Deregulation

Energy deregulation is the fundamental restructuring of the existing energy market, and it seeks to prevent energy monopolies by increasing private market competition. This growing free-market movement allows energy users to choose from multiple energy providers based on rates that suit their needs and specialized product offerings.

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Deregulation Penetration

The global Deregulation wave led by key European countries and some US states, is now spreading out consistently into the other parts of the world.

“Energy Deregulation will be the largest transfer of wealth in hisrtory.” Warren Bufett

US: Electricity is a mix of regulated and deregulated States (Texas, PJM)

Mexico ambitious energy reform agenda

Brazil competitive electricity market with current prices at record high

All EU countries have deregulated electricity and gas markets.

Russia: electricity has become a highly competitive with unpredictable regulation

Africa: Multiple regulators exist, Wholesale market competition only.

Australia: The national grid paved the way for energy deregulation, allowing competition across the country

China: Many self generation options and the creation of a carbon market

Japan, fully deregulated power market


*This map is for illustration purposes only.
Definitions of deregulated, reforming and developing vary from country to country.

Mega Challenge: Price Fluctuations

Effects of global weather on power trading: The volatility of the Renewable Power market, caused by Demand and Supply fluctuations, especially of renewable energy sources, is translated into extreme price fluctuations on the exchange trading platforms and eventually impacting consumers.

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The Opportunity

Meteo-Logic is riding the Energy industry’s most compelling mega trends, by leveraging global weather big-data with unique machine learning algorithms to build the world’s most advanced energy assets trading platform & provide stability and predictability to the entire ecosystem.

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