About meteo-logic

The Opportunity - Perfect Timing

The drive for clean energy, the fundamental role of electrification, sky-rocketing demand, increasing global deregulation and the maturing of financial markets for this physical commodity, creates the perfect opportunity and timing for a financial trading platform that has been developed, trained and proven to specifically and automatically understand, predict and select pricing fluctuations in this volatile space.

Meteo-Logic is riding the Energy industry’s most compelling mega trends, by leveraging global weather data and other big data sources with it’s unique machine learning algorithms to deliver the world’s most advanced energy assets trading platform & provide stability and predictability to the entire ecosystem.

The Business Model

Meteo-Logic, the technology Company, is the creator and provider of the Trading AI Engine. The Futures Hedge Fund provides access to the trading markets and takes advantage of the Company’s unique trading engine.


AI: cutting edge predictive analysis


Deep Energy and Weather knowhow


Top-notch Financial Trading expertise


Top Expertise in Energy assets trading


Superior AI Technology for better returns


Bizdev task force for markets expansion

AI: cutting edge predictive analysis
Deep Energy and Weather knowhow
Top-notch Financial Trading expertise
Top Expertise in Energy assets trading
Superior AI Technology for better returns
Bizdev task force for markets expansion

About Meteo-Logic

Meteo-Logic was founded in 2011 by Igal Zivoni (ex ECI) with Nir Kalkstein (ex Final), and is located at Ramot Hashavim, a Tel Aviv suburb in Israel. From its inception it has been focused on developing unique Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning best-of breed-algorithms targeting global weather effects on global markets like Energy. All that effort and expertise has culminated in creating the most advanced energy assets trading platform, addressing one of the world’s major challenges of this century: restructuring the Energy markets to match the universal needs. Currently employing exceptional talent in Research, Development, Trading experts & strategists.

Research Team

Fundamental to the success of building the Company’s unique automatic algorithmic power trading platform, is its outstanding Research Team:

  • First class, diverse and synergistic team with many decades of accumulated experience in the relevant research fields.
  • PhD & MSc degrees in mathematics & physics, graduates of the best universities and research institutes of Israel.
  • Graduates from IDF elite military technology units.

Genuine Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of its proprietary trading platform, Meteo-Logic has committed 7 years of tireless research and development to building,
training and executing advanced machine learning techniques and strategies with:

In-house proprietary algorithms developed by Nir Kalkstein

Unique research methodologies to avoid overfitting and statistically validate the predictions

State-of-the-art algorithms such as Neural-Networks and XGBoost

Advanced methods to merge a multitude of modelling results

The Company’s Executive Team

Igal Zivoni

Founder and CEO

More than 20 years of international experience holding senior executive and leadership positions. Pioneered two international projects running at hundreds of millions of dollars. BSEE degree from Ben-Gurion University.

Moshe Levin


Over 40 years as an entrepreneur, CEO at Nasdaq-traded Israeli high-tech companies and as investor: Partner at Pitango Venture Capital, Managing Partner at DFJ Tel Aviv funds. Chairman and mentor at Israeli disruptive start-ups. BSc Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude) at the Technion.

Kfir Caspi

Managing Partner for the Fund
and Trading and Operations

Over 15 years of trading experience, in multiple portfolios and assets types. In-depth understanding of trading strategies. BSc Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics.

Avigdor Hadad

Head of Development

More than 20 years of experience in software development. Holding technical, managerial and leadership positions in Fintech and Networking industries. BSc in Mathematics and Software Engineering from Bar-Ilan University.

Jonathan Curtiss

Head of Business Development

Extensive experience in the whole start-up ecosystem in Europe, Israel and the US for over 30 years. Having created, managed, funded and sold a range of different companies in Software and Hardware as CEO or Board Director.
Graduate of the Oxford Business School

Chaim Green


More than 20 years of professional experience as a CFO and Controller in multi-national hi-tech companies including start-ups, early revenue companies and a NASDAQ traded company. Certified Public Accountant.

Orna Shir Gil Bar

Head of Human Resources

Orna has over 30 years of global HR leadership experience across the US, Europe and China covering over 350 employees. She works closely with management and employees to maximize performance both from a professional and personal perspectives.


Nir Kalkstein

Founder of Final, leading global Algo-trading company

Horizon Ventures

Li Ka-Shing Hong-Kong Venture Arm, Global Impact Fund

Gilad Shabtai

Lead investor in Viber
(sold to Rakuten)

Mark Hager

Regah Ventures,
NYC disruptive Investor

Israel Oil Company Ltd

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