Consumption Prediction for Energy Retailers

Meteo-Logic offers an innovative service providing highly accurate consumption prediction to energy retailers and reducing weather risk.

Meteo-Logic’s predictions are based on an innovative algorithm using a non-linear qualitative prediction (KNN – K Nearest Neighbors), which analyzes historical electricity consumption patterns. The predictions are based on historical data of hourly measurements dating back three years.

By combining historical data with advanced weather modeling, Meteo-Logic is able to provide a highly accurate hourly power demand prediction for five days. This enables retailers to prepare in advance for expected consumption peaks, electricity shortages and outages, allowing secure supply of electricity at all times.

By using Meteo-Logic’s solution, energy retailers can improve future planning, reduce uncertainty, cut costs and improve their profitability.

Our service offers the following advantages:


  • Highly accurate and reliable demand predictions
  • Improved supply chain decisions
  • Better power-purchasing abilities
  • Maximum efficiency


In order to start benefiting from Meteo-Logic’s groundbreaking solution for energy retailers, please contact us.