The wind’s fluctuating nature makes accurate forecasting a challenge. Meteo-Logic brings a new approach towards forecasting using statistical computation, leading to the most accurate forecasts available. Our unique solution is specifically developed to provide highly accurate, localized, short-term power forecasting for wind energy providers and Independent System Operators.

Accurate wind power forecasts can significantly increase profit margins,  reduce operating costs, and improve reliability. Based on power production history, our unique approach to power forecasting eliminates the errors introduced by converting wind forecasts to power. Our method reduces risk and delivers more reliable forecasts with highly accurate prediction for both on- and offshore wind farm power generation. We can provide day-ahead or Intraday forecasts for your whole portfolio, a site or for each individual turbine, giving you the opportunity to predict exact output in advance and plan accordingly. Weather forecasting is also available to track temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain.

The Benefits of Meteo-Logic Accuracy

  • Reduce financial uncertainty by maximizing profits and reducing direct and indirect expenses
  • Avoid penalties from discrepancies between promised and actual power delivery
  • Improve maintenance and energy scheduling to reduce expenses
  • Minimize risk
  • Optimize operations across a wind farm or region

Meteo-Logic Delivers:

  • Scalable wind farm turbine power forecast (per single turbine, per farm or per geographic region, both on- and offshore)
  • Comprehensive weather forecast, including all relevant parameters
  • Highly accurate 7-day forecast
  • Day ahead, Intraday and ramp forecasts
  • Customized notifications for operations and maintenance
  • Personalized Day Ahead reports


Meteo-Logic provides an ongoing ranking system using Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and correlation to evaluate the forecast performance, comparing measured power generation with the predicted forecast.

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