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Windpower Engineering

Forecasting service claimed more accurate than others
November 28, 2102

A technology company that provides accurate, location-based, automatic weather and power forecasts, has introduced  prediction services for the renewable energy market. Read the full article…


Meteo-Logic Promises New-Generation Weather Forecasting
September 12, 2102

Meteo-Logic, an Israeli startup, is offering a new software solution that might be one of the most accurate prediction services for weather patterns. Read the full article…


Weather forecasting set to undergo high-tech revolution
August 9, 2012

In an age of increasingly uncertain weather, a new Israeli meteorological innovation may become the most powerful way of predicting the weather yet. Read the full article…

Green Prophet

Meteo-Logic Gives Predictive Power to Wind Farm Weather Stations
July 19, 2012

Already working on wind farms in Israel, this company launches a full scale solution for wind farms worldwide. Read the full article…


Bright forecast for an Israeli company that promises precise weather predictions
July 10, 2012

The technology, developed by Meteo-Logic, is now being operated on an experimental basis, and is expected to be marketed in months ahead. Read the full article…

NA Wind Power

Meteo-Logic Releases Weather Forecasting System For Wind Farm Operators
June 20, 2102

Meteo-Logic has launched a new service specifically designed to provide the wind energy industry with localized weather forecasts for wind farms. Read the full article…