Meteo-Logic provides custom-made accurate weather forecasting to professional institutions and businesses that require the highest level of accuracy in weather predictions.

Meteo-Logic uses smart weather stations, advanced physical and statistical models and a ground breaking algorithm. It replaces the traditional weather forecaster with an automated system that provides highly accurate localized weather forecasts based on historical data. The service analyzes the historical weather data from your location over a couple of years to accurately predict the weather forecast for your location.

In addition to statistical adjustments, the Meteo-Logic model uses advanced proprietary technology to find a correlation between synoptic conditions and actual measurements.

The main reasons to use Meteo-Logic, are that the service is more accurate, localized and is particularly designed to deliver forecasts for specific locations at specified times. Since the Meteo-Logic system is fully automated, it is much cheaper than other services that require human intervention, dramatically reducing direct and indirect expenses.

Moreover, traditional weather prediction is highly complex and often involves parameters such as altitude and topography that are difficult to quantify. Meteo-logic has developed an innovative, statistically based approach that takes the guesswork out of weather prediction.

If you have you own weather station, just upload your historical data into our system and start enjoying our service. If you don't have a weather station, all you need to do is register to our service.

Meteo-Logic operates on a SaaS (software as a service) model which charges customers on a monthly basis. In the beginning, Meteo-logic will provide their service free of charge for a select number of customers. After that they will be charged a small monthly fee.