The evolution of weather forecasting methodologies

Early days The art of weather forecasting began with early civilizations using reoccurring astronomical and meteorological events to help monitor seasonal changes in the weather. Around 650 B.C., the Babylonians tried to predict short-term weather changes based on the appearance

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Meteo-Logic Raises $3 Million From Horizons Ventures

Tel Aviv, Israel, September 3rd, 2013.  Israeli startup Meteo-Logic today announced that it has completed its first round of funding with a 3 Million dollar investment from Horizons Ventures. Meteo-Logic is revolutionizing weather forecasting by introducing big data analysis engine based

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Better Weather Analysis Could Lead to Cheaper Renewables

The quest for accurate and efficient Power forecasting keeps goes on as IBM announced its own proprietary ”Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting” (HyRef) solution. The solution as stated in IBM’s PR uses weather modeling capabilities, advanced cloud imaging technology and sky-facing cameras to

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New testing yields excellent results for the Meteo-Logic’s forecast method

Dr. Baruch Ziv, who has some four decades of experience researching weather systems in the Mediterranean region, recently conducted a comprehensive study to examine the performance of Meteo-Logic’s weather forecasting system. His conclusion is that Meteo-Logic’s system provides the highest

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Meteo-Logic unveils special weather forecasting service for wind farms

Meteo-Logic has launched a new service specifically designed to provide the wind farm energy industry with highly accurate localized weather forecasts. Meteo-Logic’s technology is already used in wind farms to obtain accurate short-term forecasting of wind power and provide accurate

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Ballooning around Israel with Meteo-Logic

One field that particularly requires accurate weather forecasts is the field of flight. One of Meteo-Logic’s first clients in Israel was Over Israel, the country’s first and largest hot-air balloon company. It’s based in Kibbutz Ruhama in the south, but

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Meteo-logic: A logical way to predict the weather

Planning my son’s birthday party is usually a nightmare. Not because its time consuming nor because his 20 boisterous friends might tear my home apart but more because it falls exactly at a time of year that is very unpredictable

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