Meteo-Logic’s mission is to bring unique algo-trading and weather prediction capabilities to the energy commodity market, in order to leverage the enormous financial opportunities.

Global energy commodities are a multi-trillion dollar market, swiftly shifting from physical to financial trading. The latter is growing exponentially with the rapid introduction of new geographies and asset classes, and staggering trading volumes, which combined, open up new financial opportunities.

Our unique trading strategy focuses on data-driven future predictions ranging from minutes to days ahead, opening a new niche in commodity trading with reduced competition by avoiding crowded high-frequency algo-trading arenas.
Igal Zivoni, CEO, Meteo-Logic

Our expertise is quantifiable weather derivatives prediction based on state-of-the-art, big data and machine learning technologies. As weather is inherently but inexplicitly linked to energy supply and demand – both for renewable energy and other traditional energy assets, our adaptive, self-learning algorithms learns how to crack down these links and to produce highly accurate price predictions based on millions of records of price history and synoptic data.

With global weather growing impact on energy market asset fluctuations, our technology provides a real advantage in energy commodity trading.

Owing to a location-agnostic solution, our trading edge is applicable for various exchanges and asset classes around the world, reaching a huge market size that opens room for big play in algo-trading.