Meteo-Logic’s innovative technology offers an automated solution to the problem of connecting the synoptic forecasts at high altitudes with forecasting measured values on the ground.

The groundbreaking technology is specifically designed to meet the requirements of businesses operating in the renewable energy industry. Meteo-Logics software-based technology is an ideal solution for wind farm operators as it offers separate forecasting for each turbine.

The flow stems from two primary reasons:

The physics that links the situation at high altitudes with the measured values on the ground are extremely complex, and are dependent on a large number of parameters.

The topography and climate of a specific point are very significant influences on getting accurate values.

Meteo-Logic’s technology provides an automated solution to this problem, using an innovative approach. Our revolutionary approach assumes that making the link between the synoptic situations to measured values on the ground requires a special, complex model for every forecasting point.

Our technology works in two stages:

The system gets historic data for several years for a specific point. Using this data, the system develops a complex, specific model to link the synoptic situation to the measured values in that specific area over time. This new statistical model is based on specially developed kNN algorithms.

To give a real-time prediction, the system uses the current or forecast synoptic situation, and compares it to the historic synoptic situations previously fed for that area. The algorithm examines similar past synoptic situations and chooses the correct metamorphosis for that particular synoptic situation.

Meteo-Logics technology is able to forecast the measured values of temperature, humidity, wind speed and precipitation on the ground and enables forecast resolutions as high as one hour. It can also provide a highly accurate five day prediction of power production for a specific wind turbine or wind farm.