Innovative technology

Our expertise lies in quantifiable weather prediction based on state-of-the-art, big data and machine learning technologies. Weather is inherently linked to energy supply and demand – both for renewable energy and other traditional energy assets. Our adaptive, self-learning algorithms produce highly accurate predictions based on millions of records of price history and synoptic data.

Big Data

Meteo-Logic collects relevant dynamic inputs, online data, historical info, global weather forecasts and more, building the best data warehouse for accurate prediction.

Machine Learning

When applied over big data, our most advanced machine learning analytics is producing highly accurate predictions, which only improve over time.


Our algorithmic engine is built to adjust to various types of data coming from numerous sources and measures the influence of each data source on predicted future behaviors.

Harnessing Weather for Gain

Meteo-Logic’s core competence is in leveraging prediction capabilities for the impact of Mother Nature over energy commodities – to produce actual market positions with exceptional returns in commodity exchanges.

Because our solution is location-agnostic, the technology is applicable for various exchanges and asset classes around the world. With global weather proven to be a critical contributor to energy market asset price fluctuations, our technology provides a significant, measurable advantage in energy commodities trading.

The Meteo-Logic Advantage

Our proprietary field proven technology and skilled team give us a remarkable competitive edge.

Winning Record

The company has a successful track record in taking big data from multiple sources and transforming it into an accurate prediction with high performance.

Strong Foundation

Over the last several years we have augmented data, enhanced insights and primed the advanced machine-learning algorithms for use in the energy commodity market.

Experience & Knowledge

Our team is made up of industry leaders with years of practical experience in transforming statistical and mathematical knowledge into profits.

Unique Strategy

Our unparalleled trading strategy focuses on data-driven predictions ranging from minutes to days ahead, opening a new algo-based segment in commodity trading with reduced competition , thus avoiding crowded high-frequency trading arenas.

Highly Scalable

We plan for ambitious growth based on adding more assets, entering new exchanges, increasing trade volume and improving the core algorithms performance.

By combining all of these vectors, our aim is for Meteo-Logic to become a substantial player in the algo-based commodities trading market.

Premium Asset Class

Because of the wide offering of assets in the market, Meteo-Logic has implemented a rigorous screening process for fit to technology and scale of trade.

We regularly check the asset mix and fine-tune as needed, according to market developments.

Global Exchanges

Our location-agnostic approach makes our technology applicable for various exchanges and asset classes around the world. Our global market data coverage allows us to select the exchanges in which we become active.

Trade Volume

By increasing the managed funds and trade volumes, the company decreases variable expenses and operation costs to achieve even better results.

Improved Margins

Machine learning technologies should adapt and improve over time, and this is the case for Meteo-Logic as well. Our algorithm gets better and more accurate over time, therefore increasing our profitability.


Global energy commodities are a multi-trillion dollar market, swiftly shifting from physical to financial trading. The latter is growing exponentially with the rapid introduction of new geographies and asset classes, and with staggering trading volumes which, combined, open up new financial opportunities.

The Market

The energy market is one of the largest on earth, with billions of USD exchanging hands every day in enormous volumes, which leaves a huge space for optimization and profit making.


Unlike traditional trading, Meteo-Logic takes an holistic approach, utilizing its sophisticated and proven technology. We focus on data-driven predictions ranging from minutes to days ahead, opening a new algo-based segment, low-competition commodity trading.


Our vision is to become a major player in commodity algo-trading, based on our unfair advantage of weather-related predictions.

Superb Team

Our dedicated team has years of experience in scaling up algo-trading operations and large projects as well as vast experience in cutting-edge technological developments.