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Renewable energy forecasting


Operate more efficiently and cost-effectively with our mathematical algorithm-based forecasting technology.

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Renewable energy forecasting


Start using our forecasts in just days, and our web interface makes it a breeze to stay up-to-date.

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Renewable energy forecasting


Achieve big savings with Power2Power™ forecasting, proven to be more accurate than other forecasting methods.

Meteo-Logic provides
highly accurate, localized, short-term wind and solar power forecasting.






Our Power2Power methodology eliminates errors.

Increase profit

Even relatively modest forecast accuracy improvement would significantly reduce operating costs.


Harnessing advanced technology for better power forecasting.


Constantly developing new ways to break the glass ceiling of traditional forecasting.


No integration. No installation. No hassle.


Be up and running in just a few days.

 Don’t just take our word for it…

We’ve been using Meteo-Logic’s power forecasting service for quite some time, and we’ve found it to be consistently more accurate than our other forecasting solutions, even during ramp events.
Eldad Shaham, CERAC
It was surprisingly quick and easy to get Meteo-Logic’s forecasting set up for our wind farm. Within just a matter of days we were receiving astonishingly accurate forecasts, well done.
Ron Hervey, Windstar
By improving the precision of our power output estimates, we have been able to significantly increase our operational efficiency, reducing our imbalance charges, and maximizing profit.
Steve Corney, RED wind

The Meteo-Logic promise

Greater Accuracy.

Our Power2Power forecasting eliminates the error-prone process of translating weather to power output and is proven to be more accurate than other solutions.


With no on-site installations or measurements, your forecasting can be up and running in days. Simply provide your power generation history and leave the rest to us.


Receive power output forecasts for a single asset, a fleet or an entire region, all from the same platform.


Simple Interface.

Multiple available formats makes it easy to integrate forecasts with your internal software, and set notification thresholds for expected power output.


No physical measurements and no on-site installation required. The platform runs on lean computing power.

Anytime, anywhere

Our innovative application enables your whole team to track power predictions from anywhere, in real-time via the Web.


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